Planning application forms

Planning application forms

Please note that all planning application forms have been updated due to changes in national legislation regarding Biodiversity, this page has been updated to reflect this.


Planning application forms and advice

Planning Applications can be made in the following two ways:

1. Online via the Planning Portal:

The portal will:

  • Take you step by step through the process.
  • Allow you to submit and pay for your application.
  • Enable you to purchase site location plans online.

To submit your application online please visit the Planning Portal website.

2. By completing an application form using the Planning Portal then submit the downloaded and completed form directly to us via email:

If you choose this method you can use the Planning Portal to help you choose the correct application form for your proposed development, please complete the form and then send it to us along with the necessary plans and drawings to .

Once an application has been submitted, checks are carried out by our Validation team to ensure that all information required to process the application has been received. If further information is required, the application will be made invalid and further information will be requested from the applicant/agent, for example, an additional fee or additional plans.

Last updated on 28 March 2024