Housing strategy document

Housing strategy document

Housing strategy 2019 - 23

The Chesterfield Borough Council Housing Strategy 2019-2023 will play a key role in helping deliver the Chesterfield Borough Council Plan’s vision of ‘putting our communities first’ and the priorities of ‘making Chesterfield a thriving borough’ and ‘improving the quality of life for local people’.

The council acknowledges housing is more than bricks and mortar and its ability to drive economic growth.

The council supports independent healthy living that enables people to reach their full potential, seeks to support local residents to make positive housing choices to improve their health and wellbeing as well as providing services to ensure the quality of existing stock.

The council is also committed to working closely with partners including Derbyshire County Council, developers, registered providers, local enterprise partnerships and support providers to shape a positive future for all residents.

To achieve this, we have set the strategy aim and three key objectives as follow:


‘To enhance Chesterfield’s housing offer so that people of all ages of life can find, and live in a quality home they can afford’


  • Delivery - ensuring that increased new housing provision meets the needs of current and future residents of Chesterfield to provide homes for every stage of life
  • Quality–to utilise internal and external resources to ensure that as many homes as possible in all tenures are of decent quality
  • People – Ensuring that the needs of all groups to be able to access and sustain housing appropriate for their needs in Chesterfield

The strategy aims to be concise and accessible to a wide audience.  It highlights in broad terms what the council considers to be the key issues and what it can do to tackle them.

In taking the strategy forward these matters can be explored further with partners and other stakeholders in order to share ideas and ensure a common understanding of expectations and responsibilities.

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Housing Strategy 2019 - 23 PDF (PDF 2.12 MB)

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Last updated on 31 August 2023