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Get help if you can't take your bins out

Get help if you can't take your bins out

If there's no-one in your home that's able to put the bin out on collection day, we may be able to help.

Let us know if you need help because you are elderly and infirm, disabled or have a health problem, and there is no-one else in your household that can put the bin out for you.

We will take into account:

  • the reason you're not able to put out your bin; we might ask you to give us more details about this, such as in a medical note or letter from a support organisation
  • who else lives in your home - is there is anyone aged 15 or over who can put your bin out?
  • your age, although this on its own won't mean you will automatically get help with your bins
  • how long you need help for, either permanently or temporarily - such as to overcome an illness or injury or while you are expecting a baby
  • where you keep your bins - sometimes a different storage point can help with the problem of putting the bins out

We don't usually need to visit you to decide if you can get help putting your bins out, but sometimes an officer may visit you to give you more information about the service, talk about your options or help you with your application.

Call us on 01246 345734 or 01246 345543 to see if we can help you.

Last updated on 09 June 2021