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Business support

Business support

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There are a number of organisations that can help your business grow.


Chesterfield innovation support programme

Chesterfield innovation support programme (Chesterfield Borough Council) is a project that increases the level of support available to businesses in the Chesterfield area.

The project offers a variety of funded support which includes:

  • one-to-one business review
  • workshops, seminars and networking events
  • access to specialist innovation advisers

The programme has supported hundreds of businesses just like yours; working with people who want to see a change in their enterprise. The key to its success is that assistance is not prescriptive but rather acts as a catalyst to stimulate decision making and planning for the future.

Here are a couple of comments from businesses who have worked with the programme…

“Adrian has definitely had a big impact on helping me move the business forward, his comprehensive business knowledge and ability to play advocate, has enabled me over the course of regular meetings throughout the last year to improve several key aspects of the business, from suggesting improvements in infrastructure within the business, operating procedures within the office, website and SEO advice through to health and safety policy suggestions.

Adrian has a natural ability to push and probe for answers and through conversation.He has an ability to guide you into making decisions that ultimately make sense. I fully appreciate the help he has been to my company and with his guidance I am sure that I have been able to take advice and suggestions on-board that will ultimately help grow my business to a level that I may not have been able to do solely by myself.” Chris Humphries, Valleys of Chesterfield Ltd.

“All of us at Elphius Flux have found meeting with Adrian on a regular basis extremely useful. Due to the fact we are a small family business, we can often become insular regarding our view of the business and where we want to be. However, thanks to the ongoing support we have been able to come up with different approaches to expanding our market and building our business.” - Gwen, company owner at Elphius Flux.

For further information on the innovation support programme, please contact Adrian Williamson, innovation support project manager at

Featured support options for Chesterfield businesses


Energy efficiency for business

As part of Chesterfield Borough Council’s commitment to both the environment and business we present some of the current programmes which can help you make your business more energy efficient.


University of Derby DE-Carbonise programme

DE-Carbonise is aimed at reducing SME carbon emissions in their operations, production and supply chain.

The key elements of the programme are:

• A carbon reduction audit and report

• Potential grant funding to implement carbon reduction recommendations

• Technical support, consultancy and process improvements based on recommendations from the carbon reduction report

There’s also an opportunity for learning and development around smart manufacturing and sustainable supply chain innovation.

Find out more about the Derby University de-carbonise programme

University of Nottingham energy innovation and collaboration team

The scheme provides project-oriented support to assist businesses with energy efficiency and growth.  This also includes potential access to a grant scheme. Find out more about this grant scheme.


Clowne Enterprise

Clowne Enterprise provide one-one coaching and support for individuals looking to start-up their own business. 

A range of start up support is available including for individuals who are not currently working through the Doing Good Business Programme.

You can also access a range of useful learning resources about starting up your own business.

For more information visit the Doing Good Business websiteDoing Good Business Facebook or contact Paul Davies on 07973 522772.


Growth hub changes

From the 1 April 2020 there were changes to the way businesses in the Chesterfield Borough Council area access support. 

Previously, any SME located within the Chesterfield Borough Council area has been able to access support from the growth hubs in both the D2N2 local economic partnership (LEP) and Sheffield city region LEP areas.  However, as a result of the Government’s 2019 LEP review, whilst the LEPs will continue to work in partnership, from 1 April 2020 can only access advice and support from the growth hub which covers the geography they are located in.

So, for Chesterfield Borough Council area businesses this is the D2N2 Growth Hub.  For those businesses currently receiving support from Sheffield city region, this will continue through to its natural conclusion.  Businesses will then be referred to the D2N2 growth hub  for future support and advice.


D2N2 growth hub

Funded by D2N2 local enterprise partnership and DNLCC, the D2N2 growth hub is designed to help identify local business support information to aid developing a business or starting a new business, as well as providing links to key national sources of information and support across the country.

For more information, please call 0333 006 9178 or find out more about D2N2 growth hub.


Business events

Enterprises can access support events, workshops and networking to assist them with growth and maintenance of their competitive position.  The subjects can be diverse - recruitment, skills, marketing, lean manufacturing, HS2 and Brexit to mention just a few. The links below should act as a useful starting point.

For forthcoming events, including those offered through innovation support, please visit Destination Chesterfield.

D2N2 growth hub events

East Midlands chamber events


Business finance support finder

Additionally you may also like to visit the Business finance support finder, where you will find a government tool to help you access information about potential wider funding options in your area.


Start-up loan fund

The fund aims to provide individuals with access to business start-up funding and expert personal support from business mentors to help develop business plans and access training.  

Once a viable business plan is approved, applicants will be able to access financial support in the form of a loan with a repayment period of up to five years.

Delivered in D2N2 by Derbyshire enterprise agency in partnership with First enterprise business agency and the East Midlands chamber (EMC).

Contact business adviser Peter Morgan who co-ordinates the scheme for EMC, on 01246 207207 or email

Find out more about First enterprise business loans.


The Prince's Trust

The Prince's Trust supports unemployed young people aged 18 to 30 to work out if their business ideas are viable and whether self-employment is right for them. Depending on the outcome of this process, the programme can then offer mentoring support and for those that really need it, financial support to start a business or mentoring support to secure goals in employment, education or training.

For further information call 0800 842842 or visit The Prince's Trust.


Derbyshire job centre plus

Derbyshire job centre plus can help with recruitment or information about local labour availability, wage rates, employment subsidies or training. A package of assistance can be tailor-made to meet your needs. This may include:

  • pre-employment courses to prepare people for specific entry criteria
  • work trials which allow job seekers and the business to test out a job for a couple of weeks before making a commitment
  • help for applicants with tools, clothes etc

In addition if you are registered unemployed and have been in receipt of either job seeker's allowance or employment support allowance, then job centre plus can advise you about new enterprise allowance, which offers financial assistance to help you start a business.


Disability dynamics

Disability dynamics provide one-to-one support for people with disabilities who wish to start their own business or become self-employed. For more information, please call 01329 841814 or visit disability dynamics.


HM Revenues and Customs

HM Revenue and Customs offer on-line guidance and support to help people in business get their tax affairs right. HMRC's aim is to build confidence on tax matters by providing accessible support in a variety of different formats.

Loundsley Green enterprise coaching project

Loundsley Green enterprise coaching project can provide support to start-ups for people living in or close to Loundsley Green. For more information, please call Paul Davies 07753 605272 or visit the Loundsley Green Community Trust Facebook page.


Source Derbyshire

The main objective of the Source Derbyshire website is to advertise potential new contracts that businesses can bid for and to make it easier for businesses to find out about new sources of potential revenue.

As well as new contract opportunities, you will also find a list of recurring contracts which you may also be able to bid for in the future. Visit the Source Derbyshire website.


Derbyshire County Council trusted trader scheme

Trusted trader scheme can help individuals find honest and reliable traders who commit to doing a good job for a fair price. It includes plumbers, builders, roofers, decorators, joiners, electricians, gardeners, retailers and many more.

Businesses can use the trusted trader website to find out more about the benefits of being a Derbyshire trusted trader and learn how to sign up. Visit the Trusted trader website.

Voluntary and community group funding

For information on grants available for voluntary and community groups, visit the Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Council for voluntary service and action Ltd website. Their contact details are:

Blenheim Court
17 Newbold Road
Chesterfield S41 7PG
01246 274844

Last updated on 05 May 2021