Chesterfield Growth Strategy 2019 to 2023

Chesterfield Growth Strategy 2019 to 2023

Our Growth Strategy sets out the role of the council in supporting the growth and regeneration of Chesterfield borough.

It provides a framework for actions over the period 2019 to 2023 that will deliver our priority of making Chesterfield a thriving borough and contribute towards the priorities of improving the quality of life for local people through the provision of value for money services.

The strategy is under-pinned by an economic assessment which highlights a number of issues facing the local economy. These include a lower rate of employment growth compared to the national economy and higher levels of unemployment (particularly youth unemployment) and working age benefit dependency. Equally, the number of businesses in the borough has increased by 20% over the last five years (2012 to 2017) and the proportion of young people gaining 5 GCSE’s at A* to C is ahead of the national average.

There are currently a number of significant regeneration opportunities in the borough, the successful development of which will deliver a step-change in the growth prospects of the local economy.

These include: key schemes such as Chesterfield Waterside and Peak Resort starting on site; the strengthening of the town centre offer through the delivery of the Northern Gateway scheme; and longer term, the arrival of high speed rail which has the potential to be a catalyst for new residential and commercial development as well as attracting more visitors to the area.

This strategy is about making the most of these opportunities for the benefit of local people and businesses. The council will work closely with partners to ensure that local people have the right mix of skills to access the new jobs which are created.

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Background documents

Chesterfield economic assessment 2019 PDF (PDF 737 KB)
Chesterfield visitor economy audit PDF (PDF 375 KB)

Last updated on 06 July 2022