Ending a tenancy

Ending a tenancy

If you want to end a tenancy on one of our properties you need to provide at least four full weeks' notice in writing, to end on a Monday.

You are required to complete a termination notice, which is dated upon receipt of your completed form into the office. Termination forms are available from (and can be returned to) the Customer Service Centre. You will receive a copy of the termination notice for your records.

The minimum four-week notice period must start on a Monday and end on a Monday. Unless we receive your letter or termination form on a Monday, your notice period will not start until the following Monday. Please be aware that we are not available to take notices at the weekend.

During your notice period you remain responsible for the rent in accordance with the terms of your tenancy agreement.

You are required to return your keys to the Customer Service Centre before 12pm (noon) on the day your tenancy ends. You will receive a receipt for your keys which you are advised to keep.

Please note: If your property has a key fob you are required to return this with your keys.

You are required to leave the property in a clean and tidy condition. Any items left in the property will be disposed of and you may be recharged for the removal. If there is any damage to the property which is not wear and tear, you will be recharged for the costs incurred to repair the damage.



If you are ending the tenancy due to the death of your family member, please do not hesitate to contact the Home Options Team if you have any questions.

We will need to see a copy of the death certificate and the next of kin is the only person who can terminate the tenancy. If there is no next of kin please advise a member of staff.

Once the property has been cleared we will end the tenancy early providing the keys are returned to the Customer Service Centre.


Unwanted furniture

If you have furniture that you no longer require and it is in good condition, why not consider donating it to a local charity? The Ashgate Hospice furniture shop in Chesterfield welcomes good quality, clean household goods, appliances and furniture, and offers a collection service.

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
Bereavement of a council tenant that lived alone PDF (PDF 237 KB)
Bereavement of a council tenant that shared a property PDF (PDF 337 KB)
Ending your tenancy PDF (PDF 400 KB)

Last updated on 04 January 2024