Introductory tenancies

Introductory tenancies

What is an introductory tenancy?

All new tenants will be initially granted a "trial" tenancy for a period of 12 months. If you were a secure tenant of Chesterfield Borough Council or another local authority, or had an assured tenancy with a housing association and you are moving to another secure or shared tenancy, these rules do not apply to you.

As an introductory tenant you will have similar but not the same rights as secure tenants. The council can take action against introductory tenants who break their tenancy conditions much more quickly and easily; but if you do not break any of the conditions in your tenancy agreement you will automatically become a secure tenant after 12 months. This is what we expect to happen to most new tenants.

It is only people who break the rules, for example, cause nuisance to neighbours or don’t pay their rent, who may have action taken against them.

For more information please download the document below: Introductory Tenancies: Frequently Asked Questions.

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Introductory Tenancies: Frequently Asked Questions PDF (PDF 106 KB)

Last updated on 11 November 2021