Tenant engagement

Tenant engagement

Tenant engagement is about giving you a real say in how the Housing Service is run. This means that you can be involved in making decisions that affect you, your home and your community.

Where appropriate, we consult tenants on:

  • any decision we make that will affect your home or neighbourhood
  • how we monitor services and improvement plans
  • how our services can be improved
  • estate improvement projects

We are keen to know what you think about the services we provide. We want to do things better and you are the best people to tell us how to improve our services. You can give us your views through surveys, meetings, service review groups, feedback and social media.

How you get involved is up to you. We will offer as many opportunities as possible for you to work with us. We can offer training and other sources of help and support. The details of how we do this are set out in the Customer Involvement Agreement.

The Customer Involvement Agreement explains how tenants can influence and shape the delivery of the services they receive from the Housing Service and how they can be involved in decisions that affect homes and neighbourhoods.

Last updated on 27 February 2023