Leasehold service charges

Leasehold service charges

What are service charges?

Service charges are payments by the leaseholder to the council for all the services the council provides. Service charges cover the owners' share of the costs incurred by the council in managing, maintaining, repairing and improving the structure and communal areas of the block to which the purchased dwelling forms a part.

Service charges can vary from year to year; they can go up or down without any limit other than they are reasonable.

Details of what can and cannot be charged by the council, and the proportion of the charge to be paid, will be set out in the lease.

Block repairs and improvements

Day-to-day repairs may include, for example, repairs to staircase lighting, refuse disposal systems and door entry systems. These are repairs that are not planned but are done when the council is notified there is a problem. This type of work is called a "responsive repair".

Occasionally more substantial work will need to be done to your block, such as major roof repairs, full window replacements, etc. This type of work is called "programmed repairs".

Such work is planned in advance (rather than responsive) and is prioritised and planned by Housing Services. We will advise you before any major work is started, and ask you for your views.

Programmes of work are reviewed regularly and are subject to change depending on priorities and finance.

Other charges

As well as service charges, you will also receive charges for buildings insurance and ground rent.

You will need to arrange your own contents insurance to insure your belongings.

Last updated on 14 January 2016