Garages and garage sites

Garages and garage sites

Pay online hereMost of the council’s garages are in garage compounds near to areas of council housing.

There is normally a waiting list for garages.

  • applications are treated in date order – the longest standing applicant on the garage waiting list for a particular area will be allocated a garage in that area when it becomes available
  • preference is given to tenants of Chesterfield Borough Council
  • applicants that are not Chesterfield Borough Council tenants will be considered if there are no Chesterfield Borough Council tenants eligible for allocation of a particular garage
  • a garage will not be allocated to an applicant who has housing-related debt, such as rent arrears or money owing for rechargeable repairs

In some areas of the borough we do have vacant garages with no waiting list, please contact us for more information.

Garage rent is paid alongside council house rent and is not eligible for housing benefit. 


Last updated on 04 January 2023