Mutual exchanges

Mutual exchanges

Mutual exchanges enable two or more council or housing association tenants to swap homes.

To do this you must be a secure council tenant or an assured tenant of a housing association. You will not be able to do an exchange if you are an introductory tenant.

If you are interested in exchanging properties, but don't know if you are able to, please contact the Home Options Team or your own landlord for more details. Please also see the online exchange sites page for ways to find an exchange.


What happens next?

It is your responsibility to contact the person directly to discuss exchanging properties, using the contact information on the advert.

Once you have found someone to exchange with, you must contact the Home Options Team.

You must not move or make any arrangements to move until you have written permission from your landlord.

We will check the condition of your property and ensure you meet the criteria for a mutual exchange.

Once approved, you will receive confirmation in writing. You will then need to sign new tenancy agreements for your new property.

Permission will usually be granted, but you must clear any rent arrears before you move.


Reasons for refusal

  • a Notice of Seeking Possession has been issued
  • legal action is being taken for arrears or other breaches of tenancy agreement
  • a property is too large or small for the person or family moving in
  • the property is reserved for people with special needs and the person moving in does not have those special needs

This list is not exclusive – please contact the Housing Options Centre for further information.

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
Mutual exchange application form - for proposed mutual exchanges PDF (PDF 78 KB)

Last updated on 15 November 2022