Housing policy library

Housing policy library

Our housing service has a number of policies that set out how we will operate and what our customers can expect from us.

This policy sets out the commitment of the council’s housing service to reduce anti-social behaviour:

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Housing services anti-social behaviour policy PDF (PDF 170 KB)

This is the property allocation scheme setting out how council properties are allocated and those of other social landlords where the council has nomination rights to their properties:

Chesterfield Home Options policy PDF (PDF 1.09 MB)

This document sets out our approach to the provision of financial assistance, aimed at improving and maintaining healthy living conditions within existing private sector housing stock:

Private Sector Housing Renewal Policy PDF (PDF 588 KB)

The tenancy policy follows the council’s tenancy strategy. This policy sets out the types of tenancy the Housing Service will offer tenants:

Housing Services Tenancy Policy PDF (PDF 165 KB)

The decants policy sets out the service tenants can expect from the council’s housing service when they need to be moved out of their home either in an emergency or due to significant works taking place at the property that could not be done if a tenant remained in the property, whilst the works are carried out. 

Decant policy PDF (PDF 415 KB)

The tenants incentive scheme sets out what tenants can expect from the Housing service when they are seeking to downsize their home:

Tenants incentive scheme policy PDF (PDF 100 KB)

The council has adopted its own local houses in multiple occupation (HMO) amenities and space standards. The standards provide detailed information for landlords to ensure their accommodation is safe, well managed, and has sufficient living space and facilities for the occupiers.

Houses in multiple occupation (HMO) - Amenities and space standards policy PDF (PDF 408 KB)

The council has published their Enforcement of Energy Performance In Domestic Dwellings Policy 2022 which provides further detail in relation to the enforcement of EPC legislation.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) Enforcement Policy PDF (PDF 280 KB)

Last updated on 15 November 2022