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Rough sleeper strategy

Rough sleeper strategy

Becoming homeless can be emotionally upsetting, disruptive to adult's and children's lives and financially costly.

The rough sleeper strategy will look at ways of preventing, where possible, families and individuals becoming homeless by offering:

  • advice to prevent people becoming homeless
  • support in finding alternative accommodation and moving on in a planned way

Help is provided by professionally trained staff in strict confidence from a variety of agencies. The homeless team can refer people for: 

  • free adult relationship counselling
  • free mediation between parents and young people 16 and older
  • free support and advice for women and men suffering domestic abuse and violence
  • free debt counselling and financial advice
  • free advice on landlord and tenant problems
  • free support and counselling on drug and alcohol misuse
  • free support for people with mental health problems and for other problems that may lead to homelessness
North Derbyshire Rough Sleeper Strategy 2021-23 PDF (PDF 296 KB)

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Last updated on 26 August 2021