Disabled adaptions

Disabled adaptions

Discretionary Assistance

Other types of assistance are also available to assist with funding adaptations for those occupying privately owned/rented properties. Please contact the Private Sector Housing Team if you wish to discuss these types of assistance.


Discretionary Disabled Persons Relocation Assistance

Where a person who qualifies for a mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) but
where the property cannot practically be adapted, the Discretionary Disabled Persons Relocation Grant may be used to assist with the relocation costs and or purchasing costs of a more suitable property.


Discretionary Disabled Facilities Loan

Disabled Facilities Grants are used to fund major adaptations to a property to meet the assessed needs of a disabled occupant. The current maximum DFG is £30,000. 

Where an applicant is eligible for a disabled facilities grant, but:

  • the cost of the adaptation exceeds the maximum grant of £30,000 or
  • the client has an assessed contribution as calculated under S30 Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996

Where the applicant is unable to arrange their own finance from a reputable lender, they can apply to the local authority for a Disabled Facilities Loan.


Discretionary Disabled Facilities Top Up Grant

In exceptional circumstances, the Council will consider applications to top-up the funding of a mandatory DFG application where the cost of the adaptation exceeds the maximum grant limit of £30,000.


Discretionary Minor Adaptations Grant

Where minor works are required and where a person who qualifies for a Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant but the works are urgent and will cost more than £1,000 but less than £2,000.

Last updated on 24 November 2021