Funding a tenancy

Funding a tenancy

Can I afford the rent?

Private tenants are sometimes charged high rents and Housing Benefits will often be restricted to a lower level than your actual rent. Housing Benefit will also be restricted if you are renting a larger property than you need.

Before accepting a private tenancy you can check how much of your rent is eligible for Housing Benefit by asking the Housing Benefit Department for a Pre-Tenancy Determination. A Pre-Tenancy Determination is an assessment by the rent officer of the maximum amount of rent that will be used to work out your housing benefit entitlement. The rent officer will decide whether:

  • the rent is reasonable, compared to other properties locally
  • the property is the right size for the occupants

If you are under 35 and single with no partner or children living with you, any Housing Benefit you can claim will be restricted to the amount of rent generally paid locally for a single room with shared living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet; eg, a room in a shared house. This restricted rent level for those under 35 is called the Single Room Rent.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit

When the council works out your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit, it will take into account your rent level, your income and personal circumstances. If you are entitled to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit, it can only be paid from the date you make your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit claim.

To claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit, contact:

Benefits Section
Revenues Department
Revenues Hall

Phone: 01246 345484 or 345507

Last updated on 26 October 2022