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Guide to applying

If you are interested in applying for one of our vacancies, you will need to fill in our job application form. 

We use application forms because they help us to get all the information we need to consider your suitability for the role; we don't accept CVs.

We select candidates for job interviews based on the information they have given on the application form, so it's important you fill your form in as fully as you can. 

An application form is available with each job advertisement, see below if you're having trouble completing the application form.

Know what you are applying for

Before applying you need to understand the job that you are interested in. 

Every job that we advertise includes a job description and person specification to explain what the job is about and the type of experience and skills we are looking for. They also help you decide if the job is right for you.

The job description explains what the job involves, who you would be responsible to or for, and what you would be expected to do. 

The person specification is particularly important. It details the essential and desirable qualifications, skills, experience and personal attributes you need to have to do the job. 

Show us your skills

On your application form you must explain clearly, and in detail, how you can demonstrate the skills, knowledge and experience in the person specification. Tell us why you are the best person for the job.

The people selecting candidates for an interview will not assume that you have any of the qualities we are looking for if you have not evidenced them on your application form. Applicants that most closely match the person specification will be those that are selected for an interview. 

You will need to give examples that show how you meet the different requirements on the person specification. These examples can be from experiences at work, extracurricular activities or from any other area of life. Think carefully about your past and present employment to remind yourself of the range of skills that you have. 

You may want to discuss your application with someone else that can help you to think of forgotten or hidden skills that you take for granted. 

Remember that unpaid work and work at home can be just as valuable and relevant as paid work. 

Employment, education and qualifications

There are sections on the application form that ask for your past education and employment history as well as qualifications you hold, with dates and grades. Please make sure you fill these sections in fully, as the recruitment panel will not take for granted anything that you don't include.

For example, if a person specification asks for GCSE English and Maths at grade 5/C or above, putting that you have 4 GCSEs does not evidence that you have the correct qualifications, and could mean that you miss out on an interview.

Check and check again

When you think you have finished, read through your application form carefully and check that each section is fully completed.  We recommend you ask at least one other person to look at your completed application before you submit it.

You should submit a fresh application for each job. Do not just copy the same information for each job you apply for; make sure the information contained in the application is relevant to the requirements of the specific job you are applying for. 

Sending in your application

When you have filled in your application form, you must make sure we receive it by the closing date shown on the job advert; we don't accept late applications.

Email your application form to

Please contact us if you need any help applying or would like a copy of the application form in an alternative format, such as large print. 

Having trouble completing the form?

We strongly recommend you complete the application form on a PC or laptop that has word processing software, as this will give you chance to save what you've done and make adjustments until you've got it just right. It is much harder to apply using a mobile device with a small screen, they also might not have an application that will allow you to fill the form in.

If you don't have access to a PC or a laptop you can use the resources at your local library to help you. Find a Derbyshire library here.

Need any help?

If you're thinking of applying for a job with us and have any questions about how to apply get in touch.

We take your privacy seriously, especially when you apply to work for us. Find out more in our recruitment privacy policy.

Last updated on 07 April 2020