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Equality data 2013

Equality data 2013

The information in the table below relates to 2011–2012. We collect the information in the tables below so that we can make informed decisions about our services and policies. The information is collected through equality monitoring and a variety of consultations throughout the year with our employees and customers. We use the information as evidence within the the Equality Impact Assessment process when any changes are made to our policies or services. This helps to ensure that the council takes due regard to the need to:

  • eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under the Act
  • advance equality of opportunity between people who share a relevant protected characteristic and people who do not share it
  • foster good relations between people who share a relevant protected characteristic and those who do not share it

For more information, please visit our Equality Impact Assessments page. All documents can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Information about the population of Chesterfield Borough
Document Summary
Census 2011 Summary Profile The summary profile contains brief information relating to the population, households, housing, health, education, workforce, ethnicity and religion of a geographical area based on Census 2011. The Chesterfield Summary Profile is available here.
State of the Borough Report The State of the Borough Report is an annual document produced by the Council which brings together statistics regarding the population of Chesterfield Borough from a variety of sources including the Census. All of the information is provided at Ward level, there are 19 wards in Chesterfield.
Chesterfield Health Profile 2012

Health Profiles is the Department of Health’s programme to improve availability and accessibility to heath and health-related information in England. They give a snapshot overview of health for each local authority in England. Health Profiles are produced annually by the Public Health Observatories in England working in partnership and are commissioned by the Department of Health.

The the table below details documents that contain information about who is accessing CBC services and what each service's satisfaction rates are. Where gaps have been identified, an action plan had been developed. All documents can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Information about Chesterfield Borough Council's workforce, equality monitoring information by service area, and satisfaction with council services
Service Access Information Satisfaction Information
Housing Services Information about access to Housing Services Housing Services Annual Report 2012
Planning A survey of planning applicants was undertaken in 2011 - 2012, but due to a very low response rate, the results of this survey are not considered to be useful and have not been published.
Leisure Facilities and Sports Development Use of Sports and Leisure services Satisfaction with Sports and Leisure services  
Street Cleaning, Grounds Maintenance and Parks and Open Spaces Access to parks and open spaces

Eastwood Park Consultation Report 2011
Satisfaction with parks, grounds maintenance and street cleaning

Visitor Information Centre Access to the Visitor Information Centre Satisfaction with the Visitor Information Centre
Arts and Markets Use of arts and markets Satisfaction with arts and markets
Cultural Facilities Use of Cultural Services (Winding Wheel, Pomegranate Theatre and Revolution House) Use of Cultural Services (Winding Wheel, Pomegranate Theatre and Revolution House)
Licensing Licensing Survey 2012 Results
Waste and Recycling Assisted refuse collection Satisfaction with waste and recycling
Community Safety

Derbyshire Police Authority and Derbyshire Constabulary Have Your Say 2011 public consultation.

Satisfaction with Community Safety
CBC Website Access to the CBC website Satisfaction with the CBC website
Customer Services and Revenues Access to Customer Services and Revenues Satisfaction with Customer Services and Revenues

Benefits Survey 2012 Results
Complaints Equalities breakdown of people submitting complaints, comments and compliments to CBC
Hate Crime Tackling Hate Crime
Councillor Equalities Data CBC Councillors Equality Data
CBC Workforce Data
Profile of the CBC Workforce
Access to Housing Services PDF (PDF 100 KB)
Access to Leisure Services PDF (PDF 236 KB)
Access to Parks and Open Spaces PDF (PDF 82 KB)
Access to Tourist Information Centre PDF (PDF 204 KB)
Benefits Survey 2012: Headline Results PDF (PDF 89 KB)
CBC Policies and Services: Complaints, Compliments, Comments PDF (PDF 49 KB)
CBC Policies and Services: Councillors PDF (PDF 54 KB)
CBC Policies and Services: Website Access PDF (PDF 41 KB)
Chesterfield Health Profile 2012 PDF (PDF 570 KB)
Eastwood Park Consultation Report PDF (PDF 1 MB)
Housing Annual Report 2012 PDF (PDF 4.59 MB)
Information about Arts and Markets PDF (PDF 111 KB)
Information about Assisted Refuse Collection PDF (PDF 30 KB)
Information about CBC Policies and Services: Community Safety Partnership PDF (PDF 91 KB)
Information about Cultural Services PDF (PDF 120 KB)
Information about Customer Services and Revenues PDF (PDF 451 KB)
Information about the CBC Workforce PDF (PDF 110 KB)
Licensing Survey Report PDF (PDF 90 KB)
Satisfaction with Arts and Markets PDF (PDF 104 KB)
Satisfaction with CBC Policies and Services: Community Safety Partnership PDF (PDF 56 KB)
Satisfaction with CBC Policies and Services: Revenues PDF (PDF 453 KB)
Satisfaction with Leisure Services PDF (PDF 124 KB)
Satisfaction with Street Cleaning PDF (PDF 80 KB)
Satisfaction with Tourist Information Centre PDF (PDF 234 KB)
Satisfaction with Website PDF (PDF 5.17 MB)
Satisfaction with Wheeled Bin and Recycling Services PDF (PDF 215 KB)
State of the Borough 2011 PDF (PDF 8.12 MB)

Please visit the Derbyshire Observatory website for more information about Derbyshire communities:

  • Derbyshire Community Profile: Area summary
  • Derbyshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
  • Derbyshire Joint Strategic Economic Assessment

For further information, please contact the Policy service:
Telephone: 01246 936793
Textphone: 01246 345285

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