What our customers say about us

What our customers say about us

Let our customers tell you what our Careline and support services mean to them.


Support service customer

“We are so impressed with Careline; they were here within minutes to attend to my dad and got an ambulance sent out straight away.” 

“Thank you for getting to me so quickly when I was choking, without you I wouldn’t be here now.” 

“Thank you for all the Careline team’s care and support. Mum and I are very grateful for all of the patience, care and help you give her.” 

“I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Careline; you have saved my mum’s life on multiple occasions. The service is invaluable to mum and us and has helped to keep her out of a care home.” 

Support service 

“I spoke with my mum on the phone and knew something was not right; I live 200 miles away so was unable to visit in person. I rang mum’s support officer who visited immediately; it transpired that she was worrying about an unexpected bill she had received. The support officer reassured her, made a phone call while at the property and determined that mum should have been receiving welfare benefits and arranged to go back to complete the forms. Thank you to the support officer for all your help, patience and understanding, mum wouldn’t be where she is without you.” 

Customer visit

“Thank you once again for the support to Mum and me. I hope to hear more positive news as you continue to visit in the next few weeks. I rely on you to give me a professional view of how Mum is getting on, although now I think of you more as a friend and Mum certainly does.” 

“I would like to thank you for your help when Mum needed a MAR chart. It was very kind of you to collect this for her. We do appreciate the help you give.” 

“Just a little thanks note about the path in the garden. The new path makes a big difference in helping me get about. Thanks again to you for getting it arranged and to the guy who installed it.” 

“Thank you for all your help with getting me the bath lift I am very grateful and thanks again for everything you do.” 

Social inclusion 

Housing residents“I look forward to seeing the social inclusion officer every Friday for craft. With being over 90, I never believed I would be able to do all the things I do.” 

“The chair based exercises have had a huge impact on my mobility, making it much easier for me to get around. I now notice it more when I don’t do the exercises. The social inclusion officer makes it fun and enjoyable so it doesn’t even feel like exercise.” 

“The reminiscence event was great fun. The pictures, objects and smells brought back some wonderful memories I thought I had forgotten.” 

“The social inclusion officer gives us so much help and support to organise all of the things we do; we couldn’t do it without her. Her help with our funding applications was invaluable and has enabled us to arrange many more subsidised outings this year for everyone.”

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Last updated on 04 May 2021