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Archived - SHLAA 2 2010

Archived - SHLAA 2 2010

This information has been archived as it has been superseded by the land availability assessment.

In 2010 the council carried out a review of its Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment.  

Following consultation with housing stakeholders, the council approved the final version of the second review, SHLAA 2, on 22 February 2011.

The findings of the SHLAA 2 are in addition to the initial 2009 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA 1). A subsequent second review (SHLAA 3) was also carried out in 2012.



Notes from 14 December SHLAA 2010 Review Stakeholder Meeting PDF (PDF 38 KB)
22 February 2010 SHLAA 2010 Review Lead Member Report PDF (PDF 40 KB)
Approved Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2010 Review PDF (PDF 1.21 MB)
2010 Site Assessments PDF (PDF 3.19 MB)
Location Map of 2009 and 2010 Assessed SHLAA Sites PDF (PDF 2.01 MB)
Appendix 4: Five-Year Supply – Sites Allocated in RCBLP PDF (PDF 638 KB)
Appendix 5: Five-Year Supply – Sites Deliverable PDF (PDF 1.43 MB)
Appendix 7: List of Developable Sites Not Deliverable in the Next Five Years PDF (PDF 1.29 MB)
Appendix 8: List of Other Sites Not Considered Developable ('Suitable' Sites with Policy Constraints) PDF (PDF 2.83 MB)
Appendix 9: Unsuitable Sites PDF (PDF 1.58 MB)
Appendix 10: Completed Sites, Sites No Longer Available and Sites Below Size Threshold PDF (PDF 2.08 MB)


Site Assessments for 2009 and 2010 sites by relevant Appendix (see main document).

If any further information is required please contact the strategic planning team.

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