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Cancellation policy

Here we explain what you need to do when you can't make it for a class or court that you've already booked with us.

Letting us know you can't come in plenty of time means that we can offer your slot to someone else.


When to cancel

Please get in touch as soon as you know that you need to cancel a booking.

You must let us know two hours or more before the start time of the activity, class or court booking, or you may lose your payment or be charged a fee (see below).

Squash courts - these must be cancelled by 6pm on the day before the booking at the latest.


Late cancellations

Direct debit customers

  • if you cancel without the required notice you will incur a £3.50 charge
  • you must pay the £3.50 charge before we will let you book any other classes or sessions

Pay as you go customers

  • if you don't give us the required notice to cancel your booking you will lose the payment you have already made
  • if you cancel within the required time limit, you can transfer your booking to another date or activity, or we can give you a voucher to use at another time


How to cancel

Queens' Park Sports Centre bookings

Cancel your booking in person at reception, by phone on 01246 345555, or by email to

Healthy Living Centre bookings

Cancel your booking in person at reception, by phone on 01246 345666, or by email to


Need to cancel a birthday party booking?

Find out more about childen's birthday parties.

This is just a little amount of information from our cancellations policy. Please contact us for more details.

Last updated on 14 April 2022