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Swim Chesterfield Academy

Swim Chesterfield Academy

‘Swim Chesterfield Academy’ helps confident swimmers move on from our Learn to Swim stages, and provides a route into one of Chesterfield Swimming Club's competitive squads.

When your child reaches Learn to Swim stage 8 they will be invited to attend extra coaching sessions with Chesterfield Swimming Club (CSC) as well as their usual swimming lessons with us.

The number of extra coaching sessions will increase with each stage until they complete stage 10, when they will be ready to join CSC as a competitive swimmer or enter our Club Squad, with the chance to take part county, regional, national and even international level performance swimming.

What is Swim Chesterfield?

Swim Chesterfield is a group of Learn to Swim providers within Chesterfield that are working together as part of one united pathway. The aim of Swim Chesterfield is to provide a high quality, consistent Learn to Swim experience which delivers all of the essential skills to be safe and competent in the water with the option of progressing to competitive swimming at Chesterfield Swimming Club..


Last updated on 31 March 2021