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One to one swimming lessons - holidays

One to one swimming lessons - holidays

Over the summer holidays both Queen’s Park Sports Centre and the Healthy Living Centre will be running intensive one to one swimming lessons.

These lessons are designed to give children a head start into swimming lessons or to help them conquer a skill they have been struggling with for a while.

Lessons will take place every week, Monday to Friday, with each lesson lasting for 30 minutes.


Lessons will take place at

Queen’s Park Sports Centre: 10am – 12pm

Healthy Living Centre: 1.45pm – 3.45pm



One to one lesson: Member £96, Non-member £110

One to two lesson: Member £149, Non-member £165.50



You will have to book a full week if you want your child to attend at same time every day Monday to Friday.

There is also the option to book one to two classes.

Booking is essential contact:

Queen's Park Sports Centre: 01246 345555
Healthy Living Centre: 01246 345666
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Last updated on 10 January 2022