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Bereavement services updates

Bereavement services information

Bereavement services update

Attendance at funeral services is still limited to a maximum of 30 people and to family and household members only. Those attending services are asked to wear a face covering when inside the crematorium chapel (unless exempt).

For families who would wish for absent family members and friends to be part of the funeral services, a free webcasting service can be arranged through your funeral director.

It is recognised that many people visit the Crematorium to view the book of remembrance and find comfort in doing so. We would respectfully ask that you do not visit the Crematorium at this time. View the book of remembrance online


Bereavement services key contacts

Telephone: 01246 345112


Website: Bereavement services

Registrar office

Tel: 01629 5331110 or 01629 533111


Death Registration

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and in line with government guidelines, all Derbyshire Registration Offices are currently running a reduced service.

Registering a death

Derbyshire registration offices are running a reduced service to adhere to government coronavirus guidelines. You will need to call the register office to arrange a telephone appointment.

The registration must take place within 5 days of the death.

Tel: 01629 5331110 or 01629 533111


Website: Registering a death - Derbyshire County Council

Funeral services at Chesterfield Crematorium

Funeral service times ar now a maximum of 25 minutes. Staff at the crematorium carry out extensive cleaning regimes between each service to reduce the risk to family members and others in attendance.  

In order to ensure the safety of the bereaved and the council’s staff, some restrictions will need to remain in place until further notice. This includes continuing to limit attendance at funerals. In line with Government guidance, attendance is limited to family and household members only as the chapel’s capacity remains limited to a maximum of 30 people.Those attending services are asked to wear a face covering when inside the crematorium chapel. Six people can attend burials within the borough at Boythorpe, Brimington, Spital and Staveley Cemeteries.

Those that might wish to take advantage of the Crematorium’s online streaming service, for the benefit of wider family and friends, can arrange this through their funeral director.

The crematorium building and public toilets will open for services but are otherwise closed to the general public until further notice, this includes the book of remembrance room.

It is recognised that many people visit to view the book of remembrance and find comfort in doing so; those that wish to do so can still view the book online:

The grounds of the crematorium will remain open, but all visitors are politely requested to follow social distancing guidelines.

Measures introduced

In line with the latest Government guidance, Chesterfield and District Crematorium have introduced new guidelines for funerals. These steps ensure the safety of our staff, mourners, celebrants and ministers.

The following measures have been introduced at Chesterfield and District Crematorium with immediate effect:

  • the chapel windows are left open to allow a constant supply of fresh air into chapel. Please be extremely quiet around the chapel as a service is likely to be in progress.  
  • mourners are being encouraged to wait in their cars or outside the chapel ahead of services, rather than congregating in the waiting room to reduce the risk of infection
  • in the Crematorium chapel, every other row will be cordoned off whilst introducing a maximum of three people per row
  • the chapel capacity is reduced to 30 people 
  • webcasting of funeral services can be arranged by contacting your funeral director; if necessary, you can request outside speakers, to broadcast the ceremony to mourners outside the chapel
  • only those closest to the deceased should attend the service (ie immediate family)
  • funeral service times will be a maximum of 25 minutes. Staff at the crematorium carry out extensive cleaning regimes between each service to reduce the risk to family members and others in attendance 
  • service books have been removed from the chapel as a precaution
  • unfortunately, mourners should no longer touch the coffin on leaving the chapel 
  • every person entering the chapel will be given a spray of hand sanitiser, and another when they exit
  • those from the government’s ‘vulnerable groups’ or those showing any symptoms of coronavirus should not attend funeral services
  • shaking of hands, hugging and close personal contact is discouraged; any contact is forbidden with crematorium and cemetery staff 
  • at burials, a member of the team will lead the mourners to the grave side, remove the batons and then retreat to a safe distance
  • there is strictly no access to staff areas other than reception without prior agreement from the manager
  • only two people are allowed access to the waiting room at any one time
  • strictly only one person can enter the office to collect cremated remains at any one time

Help with funeral expenses

Derbyshire Welfare Rights Service Help With Funeral Costs PDF (PDF 276 KB)

Key links:

Bereavement and loss advice - Bereavement support during the Coronavirus pandemic

Bereavement is difficult at the best of times and having to deal with this in isolation, without being able to see your loved ones or attend a funeral can be exceptionally hard. is a national charity committed to ensuring that no-one who is bereaved is left without support when they need it. They can offer support to anyone bereaved and to the professionals and public service organisations trying to support them under difficult circumstances.

A directory of bereavement support covering hundreds of bereavement services around the UK, both nationally and locally, can be found on the website. All bereavement charities are unable to offer face to face support at the moment, but many are adapting their services, so by visiting, people that have been bereaved can search and find the support they need, from the specialist local and national charities all in one place.

The website also provides;

  • Self-help information about how to cope with bereavement – books, websites, films – during this period of isolation.
  • Information about how to support the bereaved during the Coronavirus pandemic when people can’t be together. 
  • Information about funerals during the pandemic and what the bereaved can do if they are unable to attend
  • Useful helplines to contact when people need to talk to someone
  • A free online counselling service called ‘Griefchat’ 
  • Support for hard pressed professionals and public services working to support the bereaved in their communities at this time – the website is a good reference point for them and a good place to send people to find support. This includes services for all age groups.

Following the easing of some lockdown measures, Chesterfield Borough Council has reviewed the restrictions in place at Chesterfield Crematorium. 

Government links

Last updated on 29 March 2021