Decant policy

Decant policy

Decants policy consultation

A decant is where a Chesterfield Borough Council tenant must move out of their home on a temporary or permanent basis due to:

  • an emergency situation
  • where there are planned major works
  • as the result of demolition

We give support and assistance to our tenants when this happens. Decants are not a new thing and we have been carrying out large scale decants of sheltered scheme tenants when refurbishment is needed for many years.

To ensure that tenants can clearly see what they can expect from us throughout the decant process, we have written down what we will do in a proposed new policy.

Before we seek to formally adopt the new policy, we sort tenants’ views on the service we are offering and the circumstances in which we will offer it. This will enable us to make sure that the proposed policy is easily understandable and covers all our tenants needs.

Once tenants’ views have been collated and considered, the proposed policy will be revised where necessary before being adopted for use in future decants.

Proposed Decants Policy:

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Decant policy PDF (PDF 415 KB)

Last updated on 25 November 2021