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Missed bins

We might not be able to empty your bin at the usual time or on the usual day.

This can be because of bad weather, the bin lorry breaking down, roadworks or an obstruction in the road. As soon as we know about a problem we will post details here, we'll also let our customer service centre know.

Missed streets

If there are no details below then we're not aware of any problems at the moment.

If we've not emptied the bins on your street yet please leave your bin out until it has been emptied.

Why hasn't my bin been emptied?

If it's just your bin that has been missed we may have had a problem when we came to empty it, find out more here.

Reporting a problem

When you report a problem we will need to know:

  • which waste collection has been missed
  • whether the bin was accessible
  • if the bin was out by 7am

You won't be able to report a problem if the crew hasn't completed their rounds yet, or if it is more than five working days since the bin should've been emptied. 

Report a problem

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What we will do

We will check with the crew to find out what has happened. We let you know whether they will return to your property, or if you need to wait until your next collection day.

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Last updated on 10 June 2021