Chesterfield Art Trail

Our new Chesterfield Art Trail map shows where Percent for Art Scheme artworks can be found around Chesterfield

Growth SculptureBrowse our map to find artwork in Chesterfield, along with photos and detailed descriptions for many of the installations.

Dr Robert Burstow (an art historian at the University of Derby) has written detailed descriptions of most of the artworks on the Art Trail. Photographs courtesy of Mike Taylor. 

We're continually updating and adding to the Chesterfield Art Trail map, so if you know of an art installation in Chesterfield that hasn't been included on our map please email

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Percent for Art Scheme 

The council has operated a 'Percent for Art' scheme since 1994 which has seen the completion of over 70 new art schemes located throughout the borough that help to create a sense of place and add character to the built environment.

We support the promotion of public art as good planning practice which brings cultural, environmental and economic benefits to new development and to the local community.

Whilst the schemes are generally chosen by the council and the developer, there has been considerable community involvement, with artists leading workshops in schools, colleges and with community groups. 

Chesterfield’s Local Plan asks all schemes costing over £1m to include a work of art to the value of 1% of the total cost of the project. Smaller schemes are also encouraged to include artworks within their design. The Percent for Art policy (which can be found in the Adopted Local Plan: Core Strategy) has been positively received by councillors, developers and artists: 

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
Adopted Local Plan Core Strategy PDF (PDF 8.99 MB)

Richard Swain – artist for former Scarsdale Hospital site:  "I am very pleased with the way my vision for the artwork has been supported by the housing developer giving it pride of place at the main entrance."

Councillor Terry Gilby: "I am really pleased that this scheme has enabled developers and artists to work so well together to create artworks that are truly unique. I believe they will enrich the character of Chesterfield and help attract more visitors to the town."


Last updated on 24/04/2024