Best Bar None

Best Bar None

Best Bar NoneBest Bar None is our new initiative that has been launched to improve night-time safety.

More than 30 local businesses have signed up to a national scheme which aims to reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder - helping create a safer night out in Chesterfield.

The Best Bar None accreditation scheme - supported by the Home Office and drinks industry - is being rolled out in the town to help provide a safer night out and reduce crime and disorder.

We are working in partnership with Best Bar None, Chesterfield Pub Watch and Derbyshire Constabulary.

It is open to all licensed premises in the town centre and is designed to build positive relationships between the licensed trade, police and local authority.

It also aims to champion improvements in the way venues are managed and encourage best practice to be shared.

If successful, the scheme will be expanded into other areas of the town in 2024. 

Best Bar None accreditation 

Venues that apply for Best Bar None accreditation will be assessed against four themes:

Venue management: assesses security measures and steps taken to reduce noise, litter and other effects the business may have.

Staff training and care: considers how staff are supported by the business to perform their role, develop and grow, and to protect their wellbeing.

Customer safety and welfare: reviews how well the venue takes care of its customers including preventing alcohol being sold to those under 18.

Customer service and community: recognises that businesses work hard to provide a warm welcome to their customers and the communities they are part of

Accreditation lasts for a year, and the assessment is regularly updated to ensure current priorities such as the safety of women and girls are included.

Every accredited business receives a personalised report with advice and ideas about how to provide an even safer and more welcoming place for customers to have fun and socialise.

You can sign your business up to the Best Bar None scheme by contacting our licensing team at or by calling 01246 345230.

Last updated on 21/11/2023