Dog fouling

Dog owners are responsible for clearing up after their dogs. 

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Clean up after your dog

You could be fined if you don't pick up your dog's mess. This includes public places, such as:

  • footpaths, roads and grass verges
  • parks and playing fields
  • any other open spaces with access for the public

When you walk your dog make sure you take a good supply of bags for picking up their waste. You could use dog poo bags, nappy sacks or old carrier bags.

Pick up the poo straight away, tie the bag and put it in the nearest dog poo bin or litter bin. If there isn't a public bin nearby please take the bag home with you and put it in your black bin.

Don't leave the bag at the side of the road or throw it into a hedge, this is littering and you could be fined.

Make sure you regularly clean up dog mess from your garden, yard or driveway. Dog mess can attract rats, and can cause a smell nuisance. We can take action where a build up of dog mess causes a problem at neighbouring properties.

Dog waste bins

There are hundreds of dog waste bins and litter bins across the borough, such as in parks and other open spaces that are popular with dog walkers. If there is a special dog waste bin please use it, otherwise it's fine to put securely tied bags of dog poo into a litter bin.

If you spot an overflowing bin, or a bin that's damaged or missing, please report it here. You can also ask us to put a new bin in a problem area.


Advisory Leaflet

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Dog fouling fact sheet PDF (PDF 101 KB)


Sick of dog poo outside your home?

You can download a sign to put in your window, or attach to your gate or fence:

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Dog Fouling Sign PDF (PDF 89 KB)

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Last updated on 15 February 2022