Cigarettes and chewing gum

Cigarettes and chewing gum

Cigarette litter

Smoking related rubbish is now the UK's biggest litter problem, with cigarette litter reported to be found on 78% of our streets. Chesterfield Borough Council has run a number of campaigns to drive home the scale of the problem and to change the public's attitude and behaviour towards dropping cigarette litter.

We have free portable litter pouches that you can get from the Town Hall, or make use of the special cigarette bins in and around the borough.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is the most difficult type of litter to deal with. Its stickiness means normal cleaning methods like street sweeping and litter picking don’t work. More extreme methods like jet washing and steam cleaning have to be used to remove it – which cost a lot of money.

When carelessly discarded chewing gum becomes trodden into our streets and pavements it is extremely difficult and costly to remove. It makes paved areas look grimy, dirty and generally degrades an area. Chewing gum is highly resistant to aggressive chemicals and does not degrade.

Chesterfield Borough Council has a number of gum posters around the town centre where you can stick your used gum or you can wrap in paper and place in one of the many litter bins around the borough.


If you are caught dropping cigarette litter or chewing gum, a Fixed Penalty Notice of £60 will be served. Failure to pay the £60 could result in a court prosecution and a substantial fine.

Help keep Chesterfield clean – bin it!

Last updated on 20/11/2023