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Putting your bin out

Putting your bin out

We are trying to empty bins as normal during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Find out how to put your bin out, and what to do if your bin is missed.


  • Put your bin out by 7am - the time your bin gets emptied can change.
  • Please take your bin in as soon as you can after it's been emptied.
  • If you have problems putting your bin out and taking it back in, we might be able to help - find out more here.


  • Put your bin at the edge of your property where it meets the pavement or road, or a previously agreed point.


  • Put the right things in the right bin. If you put the wrong things in we won't empty your bin, and we'll put a tag on the bin to let you know. The wrong things will need to be removed before your next collection day. See what goes in each bin.


  • Make sure the lid is fully closed. Our crews can't empty bins that are too heavy, or with the lid raised and overflowing.
  • Don't leave extra bags at the side of your black or green bin as they won't be taken.
  • Extra recycling can be left next to your blue bin in a bag (not in black sacks), or in a plastic box, and please keep glass separate. Find out more here.

Questions about bin collections

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If your bin has not been emptied please check our missed bins page - there may have been a problem on the route.

Please be aware that the time of collection can change and the green and blue bins, although collected on the same day, are collected by different crews.

If your blue bin has had a tag put on it this means that there is something in it which we do not accept for recycling, find out what can and can't go in your blue bin.

If bins on your street haven't been emptied check our missed bins page - there may have been a problem.

Sometimes we might not be able to empty your bin on the usual day, this could be because roads are blocked by cars or roadworks, our vehicle may have broken down, or because of bad weather.

Please leave bins out as the crews will normally try to return later the same day or the next working day

If your bin isn't out in time it won't be emptied, and you will have to wait two weeks for your bin to be emptied. Find out your collection dates here.

Extra black bin waste can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre. Extra recycling can be put out alongside the blue bin in a bag (not black sacks) or plastic box, please keep glass separate. 

In exceptional circumstances we may return as a one-off, please contact us.

Your bin lid has to be closed for the bin to be emptied safely. It also helps keep flies out of the bin and is less likely to blow open if it's windy.

Black bins - for general waste

No, we need to reduce the amount of waste being thrown away, so we don't collect extra bags alongside the black bin. If you have too much general waste to fit into your black bin this can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

If you are a large family and recycle as much as you can but can’t manage with the size of the black bin please get in touch. We can offer advice on how to reduce the amount of waste going into your black bin and can give you an extra blue recycling bin free of charge if you need one. You may be eligible for a larger black bin for a period time, contact us for more details.


Green bins - for food and garden waste

No, we don't take extra garden waste at the side of the green bin.

If you have extra garden waste you could think about composting at home or take it to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Every item that is recycled helps to reduce the amount of natural resources needed to make new products, saves energy and reduces the amount of waste being sent for costly disposal.

If you have too much recycling for your blue bin this can be put out next to your blue bin on collection day.

Please make sure it won't blow away - please flatten and bundle up any cardboard and leave tucked behind the blue bin.

Extra loose recycling can be put out in a bag (not black sack) or plastic box, please keep glass separate.

If you regularly have extra recycling ask us for an extra blue bin or hessian sack.

Find out what you can and can't put in your blue bin.

The glass you put out for recycling goes to a different place to be made into new glass.

When glass is mixed with the other recycling in the blue bin this causes problems at the sorting plant where the paper, card, plastics and metals are separated.

If there is no-one in your home that is able to put your bin out we may be able to help, please contact us to find out more.

If you can, put your bin against a wall or hedge where it will be more sheltered - but make sure it's still easy for our crew to see and get to when they come to empty it.

Bring your bin in as soon as you can after it's been emptied - empty bins are more likely to blow over, they could get broken and could cause an obstruction in the road.

If you've extra recycling to put out on a windy day please make sure it's secure and not likely to blow away, or maybe save it until the next collection instead.

If your bin has gone missing please have a look along your road. Sometimes missing bins do reappear, but if after a couple of days you have not found a bin please let us know.

Let us know if there is a problem with your bin.

We repair bins where we can, such as replacing damaged wheels and lids.

If your bin lid is missing a pin (this attaches it to the bin), let us know so that we can replace it before the lid comes off completely. 

Please let us know and a replacement can be delivered.

If your caddy is broken please leave it accessible so that it can be removed when your replacement is dropped off. Damaged caddies are sent away to a specialist company for recycling.

Report a bin problem online here.

Last updated on 07 January 2021