Chesterfield town centre masterplan

Chesterfield town centre masterplan

The Chesterfield Town Centre Masterplan sets out a strategic overview for the town centre, helps determine community goals and aspirations and is a development framework that guides future development opportunities, including the Northern Gateway development.

It has been agreed to guide future development of the town centre and contains outline proposals of how the town centre might adapt as it responds to changes in the retail sector caused by:

  • the growth of online shopping
  • a need for more housing and
  • a desire to connect fringe sites to the historic core area around the market

The plan has been produced by Chesterfield-based WCEC Architects and property regeneration consultants Aspinall Verdi after consultation with businesses and the council.

It recognises eight core areas within the town centre and contains outline proposals for each.

Implementing the plan will require the support and financial commitment of both the private and public sector as many sites are outside of the control of Chesterfield Borough Council.

The masterplan can be viewed below.

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Part 1: Introduction and Vision PDF (PDF 4.36 MB)
Part 2: Developing the Masterplan PDF (PDF 4.17 MB)
Part 3: Character Areas PDF (PDF 11.74 MB)
Part 4: Implementation and Delivery PDF (PDF 2.5 MB)


The masterplan updates the previous version produced by URBED in 2004.

Last updated on 21/11/2023