Market Square

Market Square

During our public consultation in 2021, 77% of respondents were positive about our proposals to improve the Market Square area. Improvements to the public realm was the most popular of all proposals.


The market

The market will have new paving installed along with additional seating and planting. This will make it a more attractive place to visit and spend time shopping, socialising, and exploring.


Pavilion building

The disused toilet block in the market square will be demolished and new landmark pavilion building will be created in its place to help draw people to the market square.

The new building will provide more commercial space in the town centre to help improve the offer of Staveley town centre for businesses. This will also increase visibility into the market place.


Barnfield Close

The corner building of shops, called Barnfield Close, will be redecorated and modernised to help enhance the area around the market square and create a more inviting entrance from Morrison’s car park.

Last updated on 27 September 2022