Rateable values

Rateable values


Apart from properties that are exempt from Business Rates, each non-domestic property has a rateable value which is normally set by the valuation officers of the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), an agency of the Inland Revenue.

It draws up and maintains a full list of rateable values for non-domestic premises in England and Wales. 

The rateable value of your property will be shown on the front of your bill, this broadly represents the yearly rent the property could have been let for on the open market on a particular date.

For the revaluation that came into effect on 1 April 2017, this date was set as 1 April 2015.

Find your rateable value here.

Appealing against a rateable value

The valuation officer may alter the value if the circumstances of the property have changed. The ratepayer (and certain others who have an interest in the property) can also appeal against the value shown in the list if they believe it is wrong. 

Find out how to check and challenge your business rates rateable value.

Last updated on 30 March 2022