Tell us if something changes

Let us know if we need to update your Business Rates account.

Tell us as soon as something changes so that you don't overpay, or end up with an unexpected bill.

You can tell us about:

  • moving into or out of a property
  • changes to a tenancy
  • a change of owner, landlord or letting agent
  • updated bank details
  • a change in contact details

You can also:

  • apply for a refund if your account is in credit
  • apply for a reduction or relief
  • tell us about any other change in your circumstances

Tell us online

You can now tell us about the change or make your application online.

Please complete the form as fully as you can, otherwise we may need to contact you for more information.

For some requests we may need to see proof or ask for more details before we can update your account.

Report a change

Protecting your privacy - find out how we keep your information safe.

What happens next?

We will get in touch if we need to see any proof, or if we need any more information to make the change to your account.

Otherwise, we will let you know when we have made the changes you have notified us about.

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Last updated on 20 November 2020