Single person discount

You could get money off your Council Tax bill if you are the only adult living in your home.

A full Council Tax bill is based on two or more adults living in your home. If you are the only person over 18 years of age living in your home you could get a 25% single person discount.

We may contact you for more information before awarding the single person discount, such as if someone has recently moved out.

Apply for single person discount

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What happens next?

We will let you know if we need any more information or need to see any proof that you qualify. 

If your application is successful we will apply the discount to your account. 

We will send you a new bill and let you know your new payments. If your account is in credit we will contact you about a refund.

Tell us if something changes

You must tell us straight away if someone moves in with you, or someone that lives with you turns 18.

If you don't tell us within 21 days of your situation changing you could receive a £70 penalty. You must also tell us if we have given you a single person discount by mistake.

We regularly check to identify households where there are two or more adults living there. We may contact you from time to time to check that you are still the only adult living in your home.

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Last updated on 03 November 2020