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Health initiatives

Health initiatives

Chesterfield Borough Council are working on three exciting initiatives to promote health and wellbeing within the borough of Chesterfield.

Breastfeeding 'Welcome Here' Award

Food businesses are welcome to sign up to the award, which is free of charge and a simple process.

You can find out more information on the Derbyshire County Council website.

Benefits to your business:

  • free marketing and publicity
  • attracting families by making them feel welcome
  • breastfeeding mums will be likely to return time after time and will spread the word of your award within their own network/community
  • improve customer service and attract new customers
  • help towards positive health effect for babies 

Breastfeeding mums should look out for the businesses that display the Breastfeeding 'Welcome Here' certificate and sticker and know that you are welcome here at this business to breastfeed your baby. 

The Heart of Derbyshire Award

The Heart of Derbyshire Award is a new award that businesses can apply to by making pledges on how they will provide healthier catering and help members of the public make healthier choices. It's up to the business owners how many pledges they sign up for. The award obtained can be bronze, silver or gold, depending on the number of pledges you sign up for. 

Take a look at Heart of Derbyshire to find out more about the awards and apply online.

Example pledges

  • reducing saturated fats (suggestion - use lower fat alternatives)
  • reducing salt (suggestion = remove salt form the table)
  • providing fruit and veg or wholegrain options
  • offering smaller portion sizes
  • providing allergen information (suggestion - know what is in your products so you can advise on allergen free dishes)
  • signing up to the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Award 

Members of the public can look out for the Heart of Derbyshire Awards displayed at the food business to make them aware that this business displaying the awards provides healthier options. 

You can also see a list of businesses that have made the Heart of Derbyshire pledge

Healthy eating in the community

We run various healthy eating sessions with schoolchildren in the community to promote the benefits of a healthy balanced diet.

Activities include:

  • healthy food tasting
  • quizzes and competitions
  • healthy food swaps
  • what is a healthy lunch box
  • fruit animals
  • planting fruit and veg at home

If you would like us to attend your community event please contact the food, health and safety team on 01246 345345.

Last updated on 19 August 2021