Election results – 4 July 2024

As well as the general election on Thursday 4 July there were also three local by-elections.

Most voters living in Chesterfield borough live in the Chesterfield Parliamentary Constituency.

Toby Perkins (Labour) was elected as the MP for Chesterfield.

Around 7,000 voters living in Staveley North, and parts of Staveley Central and Whittington are in the North East Derbyshire Constituency.

Louise Jones (Labour) was elected as the MP for the North East Derbyshire Constituency. 

You can find the details of the result for both Chesterfield Constituency and North East Derbyshire Constituency by visiting the general election page.

There were two vacant seats on Chesterfield Borough Council with one in the Staveley North Ward and one in the Spire Ward. There was also one vacant seat on Staveley Town Council, Lowgates North Ward.

Staveley North ward

Steve Lismore (Labour) has been elected to represent the Staveley North Ward. They join Councillor Paul Jacobs in representing the ward.

  • Stephen James Hartley, Liberal Democrats: 592 votes
  • Martin Hibbert, Independent: 188 votes
  • Steve Lismore, The Labour Party Candidate: 635 votes (elected)
  • Harry William Smith, The Conservative Party Candidate: 278 votes
  • Joshua James Ward, Green Party: 151 votes

Spire ward

Sharon Blank (Labour) has been elected to represent Spire Ward. They join Councillor Laura Bagley and Councillor Kate Sarvent in representing the ward.

  • Sharon Lesley Blank, The Labour Party Candidate: 1521 votes (elected)
  • Ed Fordham, Liberal Democrats: 621 votes
  • Vicky Noble, Green Party: 511 votes
  • Jacob Thomas Rodgers, The Conservative Party Candidate: 499 votes
  • Kris Stone, Chesterfield Independents: 220 votes

Lowgates North ward

Stephen James Hartley (Liberal Democrats) has been elected to represent Lowgates North Ward on Staveley Town Council.

  • Stephen James Hartley, Liberal Democrats: 398 votes (elected)
  • Martin Hibbert, Staveley Community Independents: 272 votes

You can find the full results on the by-elections page.

First published on 05/07/2024 Last updated on 10/07/2024