Discarded needles

Needles, syringes and drug-related items can be a hazard if they are left on the streets, in parks and other public places.

We treat this as a priority and will remove them as soon as possible. We can also provide a quote for removing needles and syringes from private property.

If you find a discarded needle or syringe please report it to us straight away.

What to do

To keep yourself and others safe: 

  • don’t separate the needle from the syringe, or attempt to replace the cap
  • don’t hide or disguise it
  • don’t put it in a household or public bin, down a drain or down the loo

Find out what to do if you have been injured by a needle or syringe.

Report a problem

Tell us straight away if you find a needle or syringe.

You will need to tell us the location or be able to mark it on a map.

Please give us as much information as you can to help us find it - you can send us a photo, but don't take photos if you feel it isn't safe. 

Report a discarded needle

Protecting your privacy - find out how we keep your information safe.

What we will do

We clean away discarded needles and syringes in public places (such as streets, parks and open spaces).

If the problem is on private property we will ask the owner or occupier to remove it. 

You can use the form above to tell us about discarded needles or syringes on your property and ask us to provide you with a quote for removing them.

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Last updated on 02 April 2021