Flyposting is when posters, flyers or leaflets are put up in a publicly visible place - without permission.

The owner of the land or property that the flyposting is on is responsible for removing it.

Please let us know if you see flyposting on council property, such as windows and walls, fencing, hoardings and bus shelters.

We also need to know about flyposting on private property if it is racist, offensive, obscene or politically motivated - we will prioritise dealing with it.

You can report flyposting on private property that is not offensive - we can provide a quote to the property owner for removing it.

Report a problem

Let us know if you spot flyposting.

You will need to tell us the address where the flyposting is, or be able to mark the location on a map.

Please let us know if the posters are obscene or offensive - you can send us a photo of the problem, but don't take photos if you feel it isn't safe. 

Report Flyposting

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What we can do

Where there is flyposting on council property we will remove it. We prioritise dealing with posters that are obscene or offensive.

If the flyposting is on private property we will ask the owner or occupier to remove it. 

You can use the form above to tell us about flyposting on your property and ask us to provide you with a quote for removing it.

What we can't do

Derbyshire County Council deal with flyposting, signs and placards that have been attached to street furniture - such as road barriers and street lights, and on roundabouts. Report a problem to Derbyshire County Council.

We also don’t remove flyposting from:

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Last updated on 02 April 2021