Grass, hedges, leaves and weeds

We look after grassy areas, trees and hedges on public land in the borough.

We maintain green spaces around Chesterfield including:

  • parks, open spaces and playing fields
  • cemeteries and churchyards
  • land around council housing - such as housing courts and flats

We also cut grass verges in Chesterfield on behalf of Derbyshire County Council. 

Grass cutting

We usually cut grass between April and October each year.

Depending on the area the grass may be cut as often as once a fortnight or as little as once a year. 

Grass verges are cut to improve visibility and make them safe for drivers and pedestrians. Certain spaces are designated natural areas and are not cut at all.

Some main roads, such as the A61 and A617 dual carriageways are maintained by Derbyshire County Council.

Leaves and weeds

We maintain pavements and roadsides throughout the year to keep them clear of overgrown weeds and vegetation.

In the autumn we also clear fallen leaves from priority routes, and will clear other areas on request where a build up of leaves is causing a hazard. 

Trees and hedges

We look after the hedges and trees that we own, to keep them in a safe condition and make sure they don't damage property or obstruct roads and pavements.

We cut back our hedges once a year between October and April.

Privately owned land

We are not responsible for cutting grass, hedges or pruning trees on private land, but can provide a quotation for this service on request.

Gardening help for council tenants

If you are a council tenant and have difficulty looking after your own garden, we may be able to help. Find out more about the garden assistance scheme.

Report a problem

Let us know if there is a problem with grass cutting or verges, overgrown weeds, fallen leaves, or an issue with a tree or hedge on public land.

You will need to tell us the address where the issue is or be able to mark it on a map.

Report a problem

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Last updated on 25 June 2021