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Securing your My Chesterfield account

If you want to access your Council Tax, Business Rates, benefit or landlord account online, we'll need to carry out some extra checks.

When you add your account through 'My Services' we will ask you some security questions - we can't let you access personal financial information without making sure it's really you.

Security questions

We ask a number of questions about your account, such as the amount of your last payment or bank account details. If you answer the questions correctly you will get instant access to your account. If you're not able to provide the information we will send you a PIN by post instead. 

PIN request

We will send you a PIN if we can't verify your account through the online security questions.

We can only do this by sending the PIN through the post to the address we have on our records for your Council Tax, Business Rates, benefit or landlord account. The PIN can't be provided over the phone or by email - this is to prevent unauthorised access to your account and to make sure we comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The letter we send you will explain how to use your PIN. You should only need to enter the PIN once, and then you will have unlimited access to your account. 

Protecting your privacy - find out how we keep your information safe.

Last updated on 06 January 2021