Building control

Building control

Building regulations are legal standards that must be applied to all construction work or alterations to buildings.

They are designed to make sure that buildings are safe, fit for purpose, conserve energy and provide adequate facilities.

'Building control' is the process of making sure that buildings and building works comply with the building regulations.

Building control services for Chesterfield are provided by Derbyshire Building Control Partnership.

They are responsible for:

  • building regulations
  • street naming and numbering
  • demolitions and dangerous structures
  • enforcement where building works don't meet building regulation standards

Derbyshire Building Control Partnership is a joint venture between the Amber Valley, Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derby City, Derbyshire Dales, North East Derbyshire, Staffordshire Moorlands and High Peak local authorities.

Frequently asked questions about building regulations

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Building regulations are the legal standards that must be applied to all construction work or alterations to buildings.

They set the minimum requirements that are expected, and where works don't meet them then enforcement action can be taken to put this right.

Building regulations are designed to make sure that buildings are safe for people to be in or around, that they conserve energy and provide adequate facilities to meet people's welfare needs.

Find out more about the Building Regulations 2010 legislation.

Many internal and external alterations to your home or commercial premises will need building regulations approval, such as:

  • new buildings, extensions and attached garages
  • basements, roof extensions and loft conversions
  • internal alterations - including moving walls, doors and windows
  • electrical, heating, kitchen, bathroom, drainage, roof, floor or window installations

These are just a few examples, but the best way to find out if your project needs building regulation approval is to contact Derbyshire Building Control Partnership for advice.

Some work doesn't need a formal building regulations application if it is carried out by someone that is part of a competent persons scheme. Electrical installations, doors and windows, insulation, plumbing and roofing are some of the types of work that are covered by competent persons schemes.

The Local Authority Building Control (LABC) website has lots of useful advice for homeowners, businesses and developers, see more on the LABC website.

No, they are very different.

Planning permission is about getting approval from the council to carry out development work, such as building, extending or altering a property, and makes sure that the right type of development happens in the right place. Find out about planning permission here.

Building regulations approval is about making sure that when the work is done, it is safe and meets certain standards around energy conservation and accessibility.

Most building work that needs planning permission will also need building regulations approval.

Chesterfield Borough Borough council's local authority building control service is provided by the Derbyshire Building Control Partnership.

Find out more including how to apply on the Derbyshire Building Control Partnership website.

Last updated on 05 January 2023