Local list of heritage assets

Local list of heritage assets

What is a Locally Listed Heritage Asset?

A Locally Listed Heritage Asset is a building or site considered to be of special interest, because of its local historic, architectural, design or townscape value.

A Locally Listed Building is not the same as a Listed Building.  Listed Buildings are designated at a national level by Historic England, whereas Locally Listed Heritage Assets are designated at a local level by the council.

A Local List of Heritage Assets was adopted by Chesterfield Borough Council on 25 October 2019.  This followed a call for nominations from the public, assessment against selection criteria and consultation on the draft Local List.  The Local List will be reviewed periodically.

Is my property on the Local List?

Check the Summary Local List of Heritage Assets (PDF) to find out if a particular property, site or feature is included. The full assessment for each inclusion is also available in the document below and it includes further information on what Local Listing means:

Local List of Heritage Assets (full document)(PDF)

Can I make changes to a Locally Listed Heritage Asset?

Unlike listing at a national level, local listing does not provide further legislative or planning controls.   However, when planning permission is required, the 'special interest' of a locally listed asset will be taken into account in accordance with national planning policy and Local Plan policy CS19.  You can find out more in Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

Last updated on 05 December 2019