Pre-application planning advice

  • From 1 September 2023 we will charge for advice that is given before a planning application is submitted. See more below.

Contact us for advice before submitting your planning application - it could save you money in the long run by saving time and avoiding unexpected issues.

When you apply for pre-application planning advice, we will let you know whether we encourage you to make a full planning application, based on what you have told us about your proposed development.

This is a paid-for service, please see our list of application fees.

Before you apply

You can find out if you need planning permission for your project on the Interactive Planning Portal, or see more detailed development guidance here.

If you want to ensure that any proposed use or operation is lawful for planning purposes, or that your proposal doesn't require planning permission, you can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate

How to apply for pre-application advice

Send your pre-application advice request by email to

You need to include:

  • your full name and contact details
  • a phone number we can call you on to take your payment
  • the address of the property or site of the development
  • full details of the work you propose to carry out

We encourage you to send a site location and block plan if you have them, along with any other drawings, documents and background information (such as descriptions, scales and elevations) that will help us to consider your proposal fully.

Our advice is based on the information you give us, so please provide as much detail and background material as you can.

If you prefer you can apply in writing to Chesterfield Borough Council Planning Service, Town Hall, Chesterfield, S40 1LP. You can also drop your application in at our reception at the town hall.

Your application won't be lodged until we have received the application fee

How to pay

Call us on 01246 345008 to make your payment.

Alternatively, please send in your application and we will call you to take your payment over the phone. We are unable to take payments for pre-application advice requests by cheque or in person.

Application fees are non-refundable, and do not contribute towards the cost of a full planning application if you choose to make one at a later date.

What it will cost

The charge for pre-application advice depends on the type and size of your development, and whether you require a written response only or need to have a meeting with one of our planning officers.

Get in touch if you are not sure which fee applies to your application.

Fees for pre-application advice

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  • letter only £48.97 + VAT = £58.76
  • meeting and letter n/a

Change of use:

  • letter only £48.97 + VAT = £58.76
  • meeting and letter n/a


  • letter only £48.97 + VAT = £58.76
  • meeting and letter n/a


  • letter only £48.97 + VAT = £58.76
  • meeting and letter n/a

Listed building:

  • letter only £114.59 + VAT = £137.50
  • meeting and letter £151.31 + VAT = £181.57

Subsequent meetings: £55.08 + VAT = £66.09 per officer/hour

Minor residential (1 to 9 units, or less than 0.5ha):

  • letter only £279.07 + VAT = £334.88
  • meeting and letter £315.79 + VAT = £378.94                      

Small scale major residential (10 to 199 units, or 0.5ha to 4.0ha):

  • letter only £588.52 + VAT = £706.22
  • meeting and letter £661.96 + VAT = £794.35                      

Large scale major residential (greater than 200 units, or greater than 4.0ha):

  • letter only £789.17 + VAT = £947.00
  • meeting and letter £936.05 + VAT = £1123.26                    

Subsequent meetings: £55.08 + VAT = £66.09 per officer/hour

Minor non-residential (less than 1,000m2, or less than 1.0ha):

  • letter only £279.07 + VAT = £334.88
  • meeting and letter £315.79 + VAT = £378.94                                    

Small scale major non-residential (1,000m2 to 9,999m2, or 1.0ha to 2.0ha):

  • letter only £588.52 + VAT = £706.22
  • meeting and letter £661.96 + VAT = £794.35                                    

Large scale major non-residential (greater than 10,000m2, or greater than 2.0ha):

  • letter only £789.17 + VAT = £947.00
  • meeting and letter £1,009.49 + VAT = £1211.38

Subsequent meetings: £55.08 + VAT = £66.09 per officer/hour

No fee is due for pre-application planning advice applications from:

  • local voluntary and community groups
  • parish councils
  • Derbyshire County Council
  • government departments

What we will do

We will let you know that we have received your application as soon as possible - if you haven't paid the fee yet we will contact you to take payment over the phone.

We will give you an application reference number, contact details for the planning officer that will be dealing with your case, and tell you when you can expect the full response from us.

How we deal with your application

We will consider the work you want to carry out from the details in your application - so the more information and evidence you can provide the better. 

We aim to complete all applications for pre-application advice within six weeks. If you have requested a meeting we aim to meet with you within four weeks of lodging your application, and will give you our written response within two weeks of the meeting taking place.

Once we have considered your application, we will let you know whether or not we encourage you to make a full planning application based on the proposal you have told us about.

We deal with all pre-application planning advice applications according to our service standards - find out more here.

Any questions?

If you need to know more about the pre-application advice scheme please email

If you have already made an application, please contact the case officer shown on the letter or email we have sent you. Please allow your case officer time to consider your proposal before getting in touch, they will let you know as soon as they have a response for you, or they will contact you about any queries or if they need to arrange a meeting with you.

Our service standards explain how we deal with pre-application planning advice applications.

You may also be interested in:

Service standards for charged-for pre-application planning advice

Whilst pre-application advice is always given in good faith and on the basis of the facts available at the time, the advice you are given is not binding on the council in the event of the submission of a planning application, when full consultations will be undertaken and a full assessment will be made.

Chesterfield Borough Council retains the right not to respond to requests for pre-application advice which are not entered into cordially or objectively.

Advice will be based on the proposals as originally made in writing. Consequently proposers are urged to ensure that sites can be readily identified, and that proposals are adequately described, to enable a meaningful response. To this end, site location maps, block plans, and written descriptions including details of the scale of proposals are recommended. Detailed elevations are encouraged especially in conservation areas, and where proposals concern listed buildings.

All proposals will receive a planning history and planning policy review. Proposals for non-householder minor or major development will also receive an unaccompanied site visit from the public realm however it may be necessary to make arrangements to access land and property to undertake an appropriate inspection.

Requests for written advice will normally receive a written response to the matters raised within six weeks of receipt of the detailed query and fee.

Requests for a meeting will normally result in the offer of a meeting within four weeks of receipt of the detailed query and fee, and a written response to the matters raised in the initial query as discussed at the meeting within two weeks of the meeting.

All written responses to proposals will include a list of the validation requirements for a planning application for those proposals, the heads of terms to be sought in any supporting Section 106 (s106) agreement for such an application, and a list of the consultees Chesterfield Borough Council would approach on receipt of such an application.

Chesterfield Borough Council cannot be held accountable for advice from third parties, including the Highways Authority or other statutory consultees. Consequently responses from third parties on proposals cannot be guaranteed within the above timescales, and may be subject to additional fees payable to them by the proposer.

Requests to consider revised schemes will be treated as a new request for advice subject to a new fee, with the exception of major proposals where they will be considered as a request for an additional meeting and be subject to that additional fee.

Last updated on 30 August 2023