Leisure centres - frequently asked questions

Leisure centres - frequently asked questions

Leisure centres - frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Changes are taking place at Queen's Park Sports Centre and Healthy Living Centre.

We've put together some FAQs to help during the transition.


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Service changes

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You can now use the new self-service kiosks and book online via Chesterfield Leisure.

The introduction of two new self-service kiosks at each centre, and a new online booking system for activities called Chesterfield Leisure makes a much simpler process for checking in and booking online.


Self-service kiosks

You no longer need to queue to speak to a receptionist. You can check-in to any pre-booked activity using the self-service kiosks. They can also be used to book and pay for activities, such as a general swim or a badminton court.


Chesterfield Leisure - book online

Visit Chesterfield Leisure to book, cancel, and pay for activities, view activities available, and change some of your personal details (such as your address if you move).

The changes will mean that you can access our services much easier and quicker. You won’t need to queue and speak with a member of staff to check-in for an activity, to book an activity or to pay for an activity. You can do this yourself using the kiosks or by using Chesterfield Leisure.

We are increasing your options to self-serve, just as you might expect at a supermarket or at a bank.

There will be a small period of disruption as the new systems are introduced. Activity bookings can be made as follows:

  • up to and including 26 June activities can be booked using current processes
  • bookings for 27 June can be done at the centres from 19 June using an adopted manual process

For all activities on the 28 June, and beyond, the new  booking system, Chesterfield Leisure, can be used. Self-service kiosks at the centres can also be used from the 28 June to make a booking.

To assist with the change from the old system to the new system on the 28 June some activities may be cancelled in the morning. Any activity that is cancelled will not show up on the new booking system.

You can still speak with a member of staff at either centre or call via telephone to speak to someone. You can use the same phone number as before:

  • Queen's Park Sports Centre: 01246 345555
  • Healthy Living Centre: 01246 345666

You can use the kiosks to check in at our leisure centres.

Our staff can show you how to use the kiosks and how to get the most from them. They can also show you how to use Chesterfield Leisure, which can be used for bookings and other functions.

If you want to swim and pay every time you attend, you can simply use the kiosk to pay for your activity using the integrated chip and pin machine. It is very simple and quick to use.

If you want to make bookings, such as for a squash court or badminton court, you can do so through the new online booking system, Chesterfield Leisure. You will be able to make your booking and pay for it using the system or, if you wish, you can pop into the centre and do this using the kiosks.

No changes will be made to the terms and conditions for both Annual Active Chesterfield members and Change4Life (Change for Life) members. If you book an activity, then you will need to make a payment for the activity at the time of booking.

Should you need to move your booking you can do this online, at the leisure centre or over the phone.

Some of our members have fitness memberships with differing levels of access to our facilities.

We are changing the facilities that our adult memberships can access. All of our adult members will now have the same access to:

  • fitness studios and gym 
  • swimming, access to general swimming as per the timetable
  • fitness classes
  • reduced racket sports (50% reduction)
  • sauna and steam room
  • casual climbing

The climbing and bouldering wall will be unaffected.

When the changes are introduced, you will need to visit the Chesterfield Leisure website. The site will ask you if you already have an account. Click ‘Login’ and then click ‘Forgot your password’ to set a new password. Once you have done this, your account will be live and you can book online.


Shortcuts to Chesterfield Leisure

Mobile shortcut

You may notice ‘add to your home screen’ at the bottom of your screen. Click on this and a small icon, currently called Gladstone Go, will be set up just like an app on your device. This makes access to the website much easier in future.

Computer shortcut

We would recommend that you save the Chesterfield Leisure page as a ‘bookmark’ and add it to your browser home screen. This will create an icon on your home screen for easier access in future.

If it looks like you have multiple accounts, please choose one account when registering. Once the registering process is complete, please check that you have the correct subscription to activities when making a booking. If you don’t, contact us via email or at reception and we will amend this.

Last updated on 29 December 2023