Change4Life (Change For Life) membership

Change4Life (Change For Life) membership

Sign up for a Change4Life (Change for Life) membership

You can only sign up for a Change4Life (Change for Life) at our centres, as you need to provide relevant documents to prove you qualify.



Find out more about membership payment methods.


Change4Life (Change for Life) membership

Get discounts on swimming, fitness classes, gym sessions and some sports bookings.

Change4Life (Change for Life) doesn't give you the other discounts, benefits or priority booking of the Annual Active Chesterfield membership card.  

See our pay as you go price list for full details of activity prices at our centres.


Change4Life (Change for Life) eligibility

You are eligible for Change4Life if you receive any of the following benefits or allowances:

You are also be eligible for Change4Life if you are a:

  • child or young person aged 15 or under
  • full time student
  • care leaver under the age of 25
  • serving member of the Armed Forces
  • carer in receipt of Care Allowance, Carer's Premium or Carer's Credit, when accompanying the person you care for

We ask you to show us proof of your entitlement when you apply for your card and you must bring current photo ID with you.

Memberships revert to our standard active fitness membership price if members no longer meet the conditions of Change4Life membership.


Annual Active Chesterfield Change4Life (combined membership)

Change4Life members can combine their membership with an Annual Active Chesterfield membership.

Find out more about the Annual Active Chesterfield Change4Life (combined membership).

Last updated on 30 June 2022