Household enquiry forms and the annual canvass

Each year, we send a household enquiry form to every home in the borough, to make sure that the electoral register is up to date and to identify residents who are not registered so that they can be encouraged to register to vote. This process is called the 'annual canvass'.

The annual canvass starts in August and the revised Register of Electors is published in December. 

The annual canvass will follow the process below:

Step 1 – Data matching

The current Register of Electors is sent securely to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to be matched with their records. The results of the data matching will determine how you are contacted. There are two possible routes:

Route 1 – If all the people registered to vote at the property can be matched

Route 2 – If there are people at the property that cannot be matched


Step 2 – Canvass Communication and Updating the Register of Electors

Route 1 – we will send the property a form, known as a Canvass Communication A, which will list the elector details we currently hold on record. If the elector details are correct you do not need to do anything more. This form will be posted around 6 September. If you need to add or remove someone from the property or make any other changes, go to the website address and use the security codes printed on the form to login and complete the change. The security codes are unique to the property. If you need to make a change and do not wish to respond online, you can post the form back to us addressed to: The Elections Office, Town Hall, Rose Hill, Chesterfield S40 1LP. Please note that a return envelope will not be provided with this form and we would encourage you to make changes online where possible.

Route 2 – All properties allocated to this route will in the first instance receive a form, known as a Canvass Communication B, through the post. This form will have the elector details listed on it that we currently have registered. A blank form will be sent if no one is currently registered to vote at the property. This form will be posted in early September.

We must receive a response to this form even if there are no changes to report.

To confirm the details are correct or if you would like to add or remove someone from the property or make any other changes go to our household response website and use the security codes printed on the form to login and complete the change.

If we do not receive a response from the initial form, we will make further attempts to get a response from you. This may include sending reminder forms, undertaking a telephone canvass (where we hold a telephone number for anyone registered within the household) or by visiting your property.


Recently moved house? New residents?

If you have recently moved house and registered for Council Tax your details will not be entered onto the Register of Electors automatically. You have to make a separate application to register to vote for your details to appear on the register of Electors. Registering to vote online is the quickest and easiest way.

If you cannot go online please complete the canvass form and we will send a paper application to register to vote when we receive a response back from you.


What could happen if you don’t respond?

  • you will receive reminders via a paper form, telephone or a door knock until mid-November
  • if you do not respond, we will either call you if we have your telephone number or a canvasser may visit your property to collect the information*
  • if you do not provide the requested information at all you could be fined up to £1,000
  • if you fail to respond you could lose your right to vote

Last updated on 31 July 2023