Consultation and community engagement

Consultation and community engagement

We want people in our local communities to understand what we do, why we do it, and find out how they can get involved in how we deliver our services.

We hold engagement events, focus groups and drop-in sessions to involve local people, businesses and the voluntary sector in important decisions that may affect them.

We also carry out consultations to gather people's views on what we plan to do and find out how we are doing.

We encourage all our local communities to get involved with what is happening in their area through the petitions scheme, Community Right to Bid and Community Right to Challenge.

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When we 'consult', we ask for people's opinions before we decide what we are going to do, or we may ask for feedback on how well people think we have done.

We use surveys, questionnaires and polls to ask:

  • what you think about a proposal or policy?
  • what you would like from our services?
  • how satisfied you are with our services?
  • what we could do to improve our services?

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Communications and engagement strategy

Our communications and engagement strategy sets out the overall direction and principles behind all our communications, consultation and engagement work.  

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Last updated on 09 March 2023