Troyes (Aube), France

Troyes (Aube), France

Chesterfield second link was made in 1973 with Darmstadt’s French twin town, Troyes (Aube).

Troyes is in the Champagne region, and it is well-known for its wealth of historic buildings. A more recent development is factory shopping, developed from the traditional local textile and clothing industry in the region.

Since 1973 many activities have been organised involving Chesterfield's European partner towns.

Some of the French links are similar to the German ones (sports clubs, students seeking work placements, cultural links) and others have developed in new directions. In 2010 a youth football team took part in a tournament in Troyes. A small trophy was provided as a prize in an annual road cycle race in Troyes.

The possibilities of European funding for twinning activities have been increased by cooperation between the European partners, for example on youth activities.

Currently, Chesterfield College has an active link with a further education college in Troyes. There have been exchanges of work experience students between Derbyshire and the Troyes region, especially in catering and the hotel trade.

Links between primary schools may also develop, as languages are now taught to some younger children in France and the United Kingdom. A group of teachers from Chesterfield visited Troyes and made contact with primary school teachers in and around Troyes, with a view to developing more long-term school-based links, for curriculum development.

Troyes also has twin towns in Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands, and some groups in Chesterfield have been involved in twinning activities with groups from these towns, as well as from Troyes and Darmstadt.

Last updated on 23 January 2016