Students, student nurses, apprentices and trainees

If someone in your home is in training or education, we might not count them when we work out how many adults are living in your home.

If they fall into one of the categories below we could disregard them.

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You could qualify for a student disregard if:

  • you are a full time student in higher education (such as at college or university) and your course:
    • lasts for at least one year
    • involves at least 21 hours of study per week for at least 24 weeks per year
  • you are under 20 and in further education (equivalent of A levels) and your course:
    • lasts for at least 3 months
    • requires you to attend at least 12 hours per week, between 8am and 5.30pm

You will need to ask your university or college for a student certificate to show that you qualify. 

If everyone in your household is disregarded because they are students you can claim an exemption on your Council Tax, which means you won't have anything to pay.

If there is someone living in your household that isn't a student there will be something to pay, but you may still get a discount.

Student nurses

If you are a student nurse you could be disregard if you are taking a degree course which is leading to your employment as a nurse, midwife or health visitor.

You will need to provide proof from your university to show that you are a student nurse.


If you are an apprentice you could qualify for a disregarded if you:

  • are on a training programme that leads to an accredited qualification
  • earn substantially less than you would expect to earn when qualified and, in any case, no more than £195 per week gross

We will check with your employer to confirm that you qualify.

Youth trainees

If you are on a youth trainee scheme you could be disregarded if you:

  • are under 25 years old
  • have an individual training plan funded by the Skills Funding Agency or the Young People’s Learning Agency

You will need to provide evidence from your training provider to show that you qualify as a youth trainee.

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Last updated on 02 June 2020